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Test Tracking for
Covid Teams


How I ended up here

Like many artists, I found myself with few job prospects when March of 2020 hit and so when I was asked to help out on HBO's The Flight Attendant as a Covid PA, I jumped as the chance to pay my rent. I was then brought on to be the Covid Testing Manger on Season 3 of Dickinson on Apple TV+ where I worked through prep, principal photography, and wrap coordinating

every crew member's testing schedule, and in the meantime I built software to help me. Afterward, when I ran the Covid team on NBC Universal/Judd Apatow's Bros, I taught my team to use it and continued to adjust and build to account for specific scenarios that often come up during the filming of a feature film. 

Word got out to other productions that I had built this

awesome program, and after a clean and rebuild to

cover a more general production, it is now available

for purchase to assist covid teams in keeping

up with the AMPTP Return to Work Agreements. 

With this software, I have helped teams for

20th Century, Hulu, Apple TV+, A24, & Lionsgate,

NBCU, and Broadway.


If your team is interested, please reach out via email! I would love to schedule a demo and discuss working with you.

Projects I have worked with

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