Test Tracking for
Covid Teams


How I ended up here

Like a lot of actors, I found myself with few job prospects when March of 2020 hit and so when I was asked to help out on HBO's The Flight Attendant as a Covid PA, I jumped as the chance to pay my rent. Afterwards, I was then asked to be the Covid Testing Manger on Season 3 of Dickinson on Apple TV+ where I worked through prep, principal photography, and wrap coordinating every single crew member's testing schedule, and in the meantime I built software to help me. When I ran the Covid team on NBC Universal's upcoming film Bros, I taught my team to use it and continued to adjust and build to account for specific scenarios that often come up during the filming of a feature film. 

Word got out to other productions that I had built this awesome program, and after a clean and rebuild to cover a more general production, it is now available for purchase to assist covid teams in keeping up with the AMPTP Return to Work Agreements. 

Purchasing this package includes full access to the program, personalization for your team, a 1 hour training that will be recorded and made accessible, and up to 10 hours of additional builds and customization. 

If your team is interested, please reach out via email! I would love to schedule a demo with you and discuss working together.