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Actor/singer/writer · Owner of a wildly curious mind

Proud dog-mom, auntie, & wife (she/her) · Could spend every day on a lake or in the water · Would survive on an steady supply of ramen and bagels · Born and raised in Southern California, currently in NYC ·

Organizer queen and lover of snacks · Favorite word is ampersand 




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Boeing Boeing at Millbrook Playhouse

July 14th - July 23rd, 2023


Melissa Winter playing the role of Berthe

French bachelor Bernard has three lovely female flight attendants from three different countries believing each of them are each engaged to him. He has been able to juggle these women due to his detailed timetable of his fiancés’ flight schedules. When schedule changes cause them all to end up at his apartment on the same day, Bernard (with help from his bewildered friend Robert) struggles to keep them from learning the truth. Will the lying lothario be able to keep up this charade, or will a disaster occur? As they say: all’s well that ends well!

Link here for tickets

Community & Website Launch

As of March 5th, 2023, web have officially launched GigIntel! A website for professional actors to post reviews about their theatre contract experiences. 3 months later, we have 150+ users, 200+ reviews, and a handful of angry emails. 


This is meant to be a space where actors can start vetting the companies that offer them contracts and hopefully provide a place of transparency and safety within the professional theatre community. If you are reading this far, I hope you'll visit the page and consider contributing to help protect your fellow actors, and spread the word! 

Write your review now! The good, the bad, and everything in between! Reviews can be posted anonymously, or behind a chosen user name. Thanks for your interest in creating a safer environment!

Link to website here

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Melissa Winter @ 54 Below Highlights
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